Design/Printing Terms

  1. A) Client shall submit any content logo’s, photo’s as well as anything that will be included in the project within 3 days of the date of the agreement otherwise BG Sqaured LLC, will create the design based upon company standards. Company logo’s must be sent through E-mail or they will be scanned if available to the best quality possible. Client must within 2 days of receipt of proof advise BG Sqaured LLC,of any changes or modifications or else the proof shall be deemed accepted and shall be deemed final “as-is”. E-mail Address:
  2. B) This agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and no oral representations, expressed or implied, have been relied upon by the parties. BG Sqaured LLC,does not agree to any completed design or print date unless additional fees are paid for rush production or rush shipping. Most items are delivered via UPS/FedEX ground.
  3. C) Full balance must be paid in advance before project is started and all additional fees if applicable must be paid before project is printed or client will be deemed in default. Client shall pay entire contract balance immediately plus $25.00 late fee and reasonable costs.
  4. D) These terms act as the agreement and invoice, Additional fees will be placed on provided credit card on file, if payment is made by check the additional fees must be received before any item is completed and released to client or printed.
  5. E) BG Sqaured LLC,will not be responsible for errors & omission within your artwork and no credit will be given. Please check proof thoroughly.

Collections/legal fees: It is agreed should any situation arise from the advertising agreement, or any of it’s terms that BG Sqaured LLC, will be held harmless furthermore it is agreed that the client is responsible for any and all of BG Sqaured LLC, legal & collection fees to defend or enforce the agreement.

Artwork includes (1) 15 min worth of changes and updates then a fee of $280.00 minimum and additional time is billed in half hour increments of $140.00 ( No Exceptions )

All orders are entered immediately and not subject to cancellation. Payment via credit card over the phone, text or email does not require a signature to be valid. Client agrees there are no charge backs or credits provided.

Logo design, photo touching, copy writing, and use of stock photo’s will incur additional fees at a rate of a min of $280.00 and billed in one-hour increments. ( No Exceptions )

Designs/ Logo Designs are the property of BG Sqaured LLC, and may not be used without written permission and payment of no less then $3000.00. Any design is to only be used for the item purchased by the client. Use of these designs will be considered copy write infringement. It is agreed that the client will be liable for all associated legal fees to enforce this provision. Removal does not release the client from paying fees.

All orders are entered immediately and not subject to cancellation. ( No Refunds ) All prices, offers, and terms are subject to change without written notice. Please visit this page often if you have any questions about current terms / fees.