Website Fees


All annual fees are processed on or before the 1st of the month and are to be placed on the credit card on file. If no credit card is on file, a credit card must be provided, or a check can be used and received by the 1st of the month. Non-payment can and will result in late charges and or loss of site and domain.

Annual Fees:

Domain Re-Registration Only

(not to include maintenance or updates)

BG Squared LLC, Registered Domain(s) Usage Fee

Existing/Client Registered Domain Usage Fee

Search Engine Optimization Annual Renewal Fee

*Mandatory for a minimum 3 years or as long as products and services are being used. Please see the Terms tab for more details

Other Fees:

Pre-paid Maintenance and update package starting at $1500 annually
Metatag 20 $350.00
Search Engine Optimization (Quote)
Site Removal Fee (term I) $1200.00
Site design outright purchase Min $3000.00
Domain outright purchase Min $3000.00
Widgets for website $300.00 and up
Photo touching and like services $180.00 and up
Maintenance/Updates/Revisions and Additions to be charged at $180 hour, min. of 1 hour (during the design process)
Maintenance/Updates/Revisions and Additions to be charged at $280 hour, min. of 1 hour (after the design process)
Domain Associated Email annual fee of $36 per month, per email address ($432 paid annually per email address)
Other services and fees may apply that are not listed on this agreement.

BG Squared LLC, reserves the right to accelerate and/or demand the said contract to be paid in full at any time without notice. Should client not comply with payment in full, the domain and website can and will be sold or lost.

Any Google compliance issues are required and charged to the credit card on file. The client may or may not be notified prior to processing the credit card and the fee(s) can not be disputed. Site can be removed if payment is not made, and additional re-upload fees as per the terms will apply.

All fees are subject to change without notice. BG Squared LLC, has the right to amend any and all terms of this agreement without notice at any time posted at “Terms”

Please note: Invoices are not sent, it is the clients responsibility to make sure payment is received before the anniversary date listed on the web agreement/order form agreement and is subject to an additional fee of no less than 15% and the site(s) may be interrupted without notice. BG Squared LLC, will be held harmless in any and all situations. Furthermore, nonpayment can also result in the loss of domain, hosting, and website files that can incur additional fees with no guarantee to recover agreed domain name, hosting, or files.

*Hosting includes basic hosting on our shared server. If your website receives excessive traffic, malware, bot visits and any other known or unknown traffic the client is responsible for troubleshooting, migration to a new server and or any products needed to fix the issue. The fee will vary depending on the individual case. Troubleshooting and migration is billed at a rate of $120.00 per hour not including the purchase of any product that may be needed to solve issue.