Website Terms

  1. A) This agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties and no oral representations, expressed or implied, have been relied upon by the parties.
    B) Domain Name, Hosting and Design are the property of BGSquared LLC, and may be purchased by the customer at anytime for an additional fee.
    C)BGSquared LLC, is not responsible for any action that may arise from this Web Site and will not be held liable for an interruption for any reason and no credits will be given.
  2. D) Should any payment not be made as scheduled, a late fee of 1.5% of the balance will be charged monthly. BGSquared LLC,also has the right to remove site with a reactivation charge of $250.00. A returned check charge of $25.00 applies for all dishonored checks. *All agreements are entered immediately and not subject to cancellation. Credit Card payment is accepted and may not be disputed. Signature is not needed to be a valid charge.

All website Agreements and annual fees as posted in the fee section of this website are to be paid for a min of 3 years from the date of the agreement or as long as the site is being used, after 3 years 90 day notice must be received via email should you elect to no longer use our product or services (website) Client agrees to auto billing to the credit card on file, if no credit card is on file one must be provided prior to expiration or additional late fees will apply, Checks can be used for payment but as well must be received prior to due date. All fees are auto processed on or before the first of the month prior to the contract date, no signature is needed, it is further agreed that no charge-backs will be honored. 

ART DISCLAIMER / Terms & Fees: 

  1. E)  BGSquared LLC,will not be responsible for errors & omission within your web site and no credit will be given. Please check provided text thoroughly. Client will be able to make corrections for a period of no more than 72 hours from when temp site is emailed. Once 72 hours is expired, additional charges for corrections or updates will apply at $180.00 per hour with a minimum of an hour. NO EXCEPTIONS.

F)BG Squared LLC does not provide for an exact time that sites will be online, but time begins upon registration of the domain name.

  1. G) Under construction sign will be uploaded within 10 days with a minimum of 50% deposit. No additional site work will be started until balance of Agreement is paid in FULL. Client must pay balance as agreed or additional fees will apply. Late charges of no less than 20% of total contract price and time spent to collect including legal and collection fees.
    H) Photos, logos, corporate trademarks, and text are the responsibility of the client. BGSquared LLC,  assumes no liability; it is the client’s responsibility to receive authorization of such use. BG Squared LLC  will assume to have authorization to use these items whether provided by client or supplied by BG Squared LLC . Items provided will not be returned unless a self addressed stamped envelope is provided, Otherwise materials will be discarded.
  2. I) Website removal/deactivation will incur additional fees and will be handled in a timely fashion.
    J) Client may not be notified prior to hosting expiration to either renew the hosting and registration, or to relocate site. Both incur fees. BGSquared LLC will not be liable for nonpayment of services that result in loss of domain name or hosting. The renewal date of expiration is located on the opposite side of this agreement.
  3. K) If contracted for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), BGSquared LLC, uses the best methodology to aid your website in placing organically on Google search engine results for specified keywords in designated areas. BG Squared LLC, does not guarantee placement, keywords, areas covered, or timeframe to show organically on Google or it’s competitors search results .BG Squared LLC   is not affiliated with Google in any way and does not imply as such. BG Squared LLC  makes no estimations as to how a site may respond once SEO is purchased and applied. Search Engine Optimization is not included in the purchase of website design unless otherwise noted on the front of the Order Form / Web Agreement which incurs an additional fee.
  4. L) Client may not do any updates to site either by yourself, or third party. No FTP Site, User Name or Password will be provided. Site design and content is the property of BGSquared LLC.
  5. M)  BGSquared LLC,may transfer or subcontract this agreement to any other company with all terms to remain the same. BG Squared LLC  owns site domain name, design and content but may be purchased at any time for additional fees.
  6. N) BGSquared LLC, reserves the right to link client’s site to any site for the purpose of networking or sample purposes but makes no commitment to do so as per this agreement.

NO MONTHLY Maintenance/Update Fees are not charged or included. Maintenance/Updates are charged at a rate of $280.00 per hour with a min of 1 hour. No exceptions unless pre-paid and specified on the front of this agreement.

NEW  BG Squared LLC ,REGISTERED DOMAIN(S): It is agreed that all of the domain names and website designs used are the property of BG Squared LLC   and may be purchased at anytime for an additional fee. It is understood that a design, copyright, and usage fee of $600.00 will be paid annually to BG Squared LLC  for a minimum of 3 years or as long as the site is being used.

EXISTING/CLIENT REGISTERED DOMAIN(S): It is agreed that a design, usage & copyright fee of $800.00 will be paid annually on the anniversary of this agreement for a minimum of 3 years or as long as the site is being used.

Designs/ Logo Designs are the property of BG Squared LLC   and may not be used without written permission and payment of no less then $3000.00. per use, Any design is to only be used for the item purchased by the client. Use of these designs will be considered copy write infringement. It is agreed that the client will be liable for all associated legal fees to enforce this provision. Removal does not release the client from paying fees.

Note: All annual & renewal fees are due in full on the 1st of the month prior to the contract date. It is understood & agreed, should these fees not be paid, BG Squared LLC , reserves the right to remove/interrupt this website without notice.

BG Squared LLC , reserves the right to accelerate and/or demand the said contract to be paid in full at any time without notice. Should client not comply with payment in full, the domain and website can and will be sold or lost.

*Hosting includes basic hosting on our shared server. If your website receives excessive traffic, malware, bot visits and any other known or unknown traffic the client is responsible for troubleshooting, migration to a new server and or any products needed to fix the issue. The fee will vary depending on the individual case. Troubleshooting and migration is billed at a rate of $120.00 per hour not including the purchase of any product that may be needed to solve issue.

Any compliance, protection or Google issues are required and charged to the credit card on file. The client may or may not be notified prior to processing the credit card and the fee(s) can not be disputed. Site can be removed if payment is not made, and additional re-upload fees as per the terms will apply.

Collections/legal fees: It is agreed should any situation arise from the web agreement, or any of it’s terms that BG Squared LLC , will be held harmless furthermore it is agreed that the client is responsible for any and all of BG Squared LLC , legal & collection fees to defend or enforce this agreement.

BG Squared LLC . is a Palm Beach County Florida registered company any and all claims and or legal actions arising from any contract/agreement written or oral will be dealt with in Palm Beach County Florida. It it understood that the client will be responsible for any and all collection fees and or attorney’s fees to enforce or collect and monies due .BG Squared LLC 

It is understood and agreed that the design, content and photos are the intellectual property of BG Squared LLC , and will not be duplicated without an additional fee to be paid of no less then $3000.00